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I am a very experienced and knowledgeable HR professional with an excellent track record of providing hands-on practical support to employers in many sectors. Having been a non-executive director of a NHS body and Chair of Trustees of a charity for many years I am very experienced at working at strategic and operational levels in fast moving and complex business environments. As a lay member of the Employment Tribunal I see employees and employees at their best and their worst and I privileged to be able to relate my experience in this role into down to earth advice to businesses. I have managed and advised on substantial restructuring and redundancy programmes in the public, voluntary and private sectors and I have supported TUPE transfers for several clients. The outcomes have been fair to employees to protect the businesses and the projects have been completed on time and in budget and resulted in no appeals or employment tribunal claims. I specialise in advising employers on managing difficult conversations in the workplace and in conducting those conversations on behalf of businesses. I have carried out extensive numbers of disciplinary and grievance investigations and chairing disciplinary, grievance and dismissal hearings and appeals in addition to advising business owners on how to deal with these challenging and often time-consuming situations.


Senior role assessment centre development and facilitation.

Offer letter and contract of employment drafting.

Advice on induction and probationary periods

During and towards the end of employment

Contract changes

Disciplinary and Grievance


Employee relations

Sickness absence management

Performance Management

Redundancy and restructuring

TUPE transfers

How we can help.

How we can help.

My advice, support and interventions have saved businesses time, money, a lot of head and heart aches and have helped to improve employment relationships. At the heart of my approach is fairness and compliance with employment law to ensure the best outcome for my clients

I can support employers on all aspects of employment, from recruitment, contracts, policy development, through to termination of employment. Having worked as a manager for 15 years I have an excellent understanding of the day-to- day reality of managing people. This means that I provide robust and practical advice and support to business owners and managers.

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